Un-Reel Poker! tm

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Un-Reel Poker
tm plays a bit like Texas Hold'em, but with some fun differences! You only play for 3 or 4 of a kind, or single/double cherries (see score chart). Additionally the game uses the unique slot machine card symbols, with composition of the Un-Reel Poker tm deck of cards.

The object of Un-Reel Poker is to make a 4 card hand of a higher value or "score" than all the other opponents to win the "pot".   Note the score chart that shows hand values, or scores.

Generally, this game plays very much like Texas Hold'em, with the following differences:


1. Each player to get 3 hole cards.
2. The flop is 2 cards instead of 3.
3. The common board has 4 cards total.
4. Players make their best 4-card hand instead of 5.
5. Kickers do play for all hands except 4 of kinds.

In the event of a showdown if no player has a ranked hand of at least '1' on the score chart, the pot will then be awarded to the player with the highest kicker card, with the Seven card being the highest value, Orange card being the lowest.   

Additionally the kicker can determine a winner when 2 or more players have the same value hand, in these instances, the player(s) with the highest kicker card will receive (or split) the pot.

Kicker rank:

Orange =   7th best
Grape =  6th best
Melon =  5th best
Bell =  4th best
Cherry =   3rd best
Bar =  2nd best
Seven =  Best